by JENNIFER FRAKES | photo provided by Treesicle

Local Connection

Tyler Baron, Ryan Kroner, Kevin Cornea, and Grant Ball are four gamers and friends who have turned a fun pastime into a full-fledged business. Treesicle, a YouTube channel with more than 400,000 subscribers and 42.5 million views, streams video game-focused videos four days a week. “We’ve been making videos for over two years now. I’d been watching Let’s Plays online for years (Let’s Plays are commentary over video game play) and had the desire to make my own. We started with Let’s Plays, but now we do primarily comedic and informative video game character analysis videos,” explained Tyler.

The channel streams multiple shows including one series entitled The Story You Never Knew (SYNK) and another called Breaking Trees. According to Tyler, he and Kevin write the scripts for SYNK and Grant does the voiceover work. “Ryan and Grant write, film, and edit Breaking Trees, and all four of us edit SYNK due to the large amount of editing work it requires,” stated Tyler. Treesicle has become so successful that all four gamers now work full-time on the channel, an exciting development for the team.


It is also exciting to note that this popular YouTube channel has a local 92130 connection. Tyler and Ryan met in kindergarten at Solana Highlands Elementary School, attended Canyon Crest Academy, and have an affinity for the Carmel Valley community. “We loved Canyon Crest Academy and still keep in touch with many teachers there. Carmel Valley was a great place to grow up. Being so close to the beach is always a blessing,” related Tyler, “and Ryan and I both spent many days each summer going to the beach and body boarding, play Frisbee, and enjoying the perfect weather.” He and Ryan went on to college at University of California, Santa Barbara, where they met Kevin and Grant in the dorms during their freshman year.

Looking to the future, the Treesicle team is eager to continue growing and bringing high quality, entertaining videos to a large audience. They also hope to make Treesicle their livelihood for the foreseeable future. “I love seeing a dream I’ve had for years become a reality. I’ve wanted to do this since high school, and it’s amazing to see it become my career. It’s also insanely fun to run a company with three of your best friends,” said Tyler.

Names: Tyler Baron, Ryan Kroner, Kevin Cornea, Grant Ball
Professions: Content Creators/YouTubers
Hometowns: Tyler and Ryan – Carmel Valley; Kevin – Bay Area; Grant – Novato, CA
Hobbies: Video games
Favorite Local Spots: Board & Brew, Pizza Port, Barrel Republic
YouTube URL: