by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

Being Individualistic

student_fisher_1Like many other teenagers, Jacqueline Fisher went through a period in her life where she felt uncertain about who she was. But unlike some, she decided to speak up and do something about it. Two years ago, Jacqueline – currently a junior at Torrey Pines High School – created her own website: Creating the site was Jacqueline’s way of finding a safe place to express herself creatively. In her words, she had finally “started her life.”

In doing so, she realized that many of her peers were also looking for an outlet to express themselves. So, Jacqueline founded the Be Individualistic Club at Torrey Pines High School. “I realized that especially as teenagers, we are generally more explorative in our thoughts,” said Jacqueline. “Having an outlet for others to express themselves with those garnered thoughts is incredible. All the club members offer such innate insight and it is just so cool listening to other people exercise their unique voices.”

“I am proud of the message the website and the club promote.”

With the purpose of providing an accepting environment, the Be Individualistic Club allows for open submissions through email so that any student can participate ( “The Be Individualistic Club currently has 22 members. Some members attend Torrey Pines High School, some Canyon Crest Academy, and some are in college,” noted Jacqueline.

student_fisher_2Both the club and website promote the concept of individualism while also serving as a source of encouragement “for those finding their place in the world,” said Jacqueline. “I am proud of the message the website and the club promote.” Members of the club can submit film, photography, art, and poetry to be published. Many members – including Jacqueline – write pieces on topics they find relevant or interesting. One issue very personal to Jacqueline is anti-bullying; thus, she has published many pieces on the topic. “Everyone has a story,” stated Jacqueline. “We are all storytellers. It’s just a matter of

whether or not we choose to share our stories with others.”
Jacqueline – who is an aspiring screenwriter and hopes to write and direct her own films one day – has found that sharing her own story has been life-changing. “Most people in some way want to feel accepted or a part of something bigger than themselves,” commented Jacqueline. “The sense of acceptance I have is very much from myself, whereas sometimes people want acceptance based on how other people perceive them.

I do not want to rely on other people for my own sense of fulfillment. It instead should come from within oneself.”

Meet Jacqueline

Name: Jacqueline Fisher (17)
Grade: 11
School: Torrey Pines High School
Parents: Len and Toni Fisher
Sibling: Justin (14)
Favorite Spots in 92130: Katana Sushi and Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza