by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

From Here to There

For Marcelo and Salina Bastos, traveling the world and experiencing new cultures is not only a pastime but a passion. “There’s nothing we love more than traveling together. Our favorite trip was to South Africa. We have some amazing South African friends who took us on a safari – a lifelong dream of mine!” said Salina. “Seeing animals in their natural habitat was like nothing else we’ve ever experienced. We also traveled to Cape Town and enjoyed hiking Lions Head and seeing the penguins on Boulders Beach.”

Marcelo, who is a professional skateboarder, travels to destinations across the globe on a regular basis. Salina, who works at a financial firm and helps to run a local fitness business, accompanies Marcelo as often as possible. The married couple has traveled to places such as Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Brazil for skateboarding contests, and are looking forward to future adventures together.

family_bastos_1Salina and Marcelo met in November 2009 and were married just five months later. According to Salina, they knew it was meant to be after an eventful all-day whale watching excursion. “We figured that if we still loved each other after that long day on the boat, nothing could stop us,” Salina joked. Now, she and Marcelo are thrilled to be celebrating their sixth year of marriage.

When they are at home in Torrey Hills, Salina and Marcelo enjoy taking advantage of all the area has to offer. “We love Torrey Hills because it’s a wonderful neighborhood with beautiful sunsets and ocean views. It is also centrally located and has great running trails,” related Salina, who fell in love with running while she and Marcelo lived in South America. “I trained for my first half marathon while living in Buenos Aires. It was a wonderful way to explore a new place,” revealed Salina.

She and Marcelo also enjoy spending quiet time at home, cooking and playing cards. “Canasta is our game of choice, and we often swap photos of winning hands with my grandparents in Texas who play gin every night,” said Salina. During the fall, the fun-loving couple can often be found watching football. Marcelo, who moved to California from Brazil when he was 18 years old to pursue his skateboarding career, has embraced American football, and now shares Salina’s love for cheering on the Dallas Cowboys.

Name: Marcelo and Salina Bastos
Community: Torrey Hills of Carmel Valley
Hometowns: Marcelo – Sao Paulo, Brazil; Salina – San Diego
Occupations: Marcelo – professional skateboarder; Salina – works at local financial firm and helps run a small, local women-owned-and-operated fitness business
Favorite Spots in 92130: The Carmel Valley Skate Park and the abundance of hiking trails