This San Diego Firm Helps Their Clients Fulfill Their Dreams

With the new year in full swing, it’s time to act on resolutions, such as ensuring a smooth, sound financial future. The task may seem daunting, but it certainly doesn’t need to be. At Capital Income Advisors (CIA), Managing Director Jeremy Keating emphasized that their mission is to help their clients fulfill their hopes and dreams for their future. He shared, “CIA was started to serve our clients in a more meaningful way than a traditional financial advisor. We wanted a more meaningful relationship with our clients to truly understand their motivations personally and financially to help guide them down a path to live the life they’ve always wanted.”

This is accomplished through CIA’s proprietary trademarked program: Wealth Design Process™. It is a comprehensive system consisting of three steps: discovery (gathering information about your true values/goals), assessment and planning (analysis and development of your entire financial design), and implementation (executing your personal financial design). The process works because it’s an ongoing relationship based on trust that keeps growing and evolving over time.

CIA clients love the Wealth Design Process™ because they have control over what is a priority for them. Jeremy elaborated, “Our belief is that any financial design must start with life as the central focus, and then move outward to the solutions that fit your specific needs. So our innovative Wealth Design Process™ is a personal approach in not just getting to know our clients, but helping them to determine their true purpose in life. Then we identify how they can achieve their goals and implement strategies for success.”

“Our innovative Wealth Design Process™ is a personal approach in not just getting to know our clients, but helping them to determine their true purpose in life.”  – Jeremy Keating, Managing Director

Along with Jeremy, the experienced team at CIA is composed of partner Richard Gigliotti, who has been in the financial services industry for 15 years, and partner Martin Shapiro, who has been advising local San Diegans in financial matters for 30 years. Many of their clients are San Diego business owners, in addition to pre-retirees and retirees who are ready to make their monetary situation work to their best advantage.

CIA remains committed to the financial independence of every client they serve. The team also works diligently to get their clients where they want to be. Jeremy maintained, “While your wealth may be a reflection of your success, it is what you do with it that makes it significant and fulfills your life.”



Name of Business: Capital Income Advisors
Address: 6480 Weathers Place #200, San Diego, 92121
Phone: 800-875-1986
Description of Business: CIA is an innovative and comprehensive financial planning firm that provides holistic advice and solutions in the best interest of its clients.

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