Surgeon Gives Back 

Longtime Carmel Valley resident Dr. Robert Ferdowsmakan is not only the founder and medical director of his own oral and maxillofacial surgical practice but also a devoted philanthropist. Robert lends his knowledge and skills to Fresh Start Surgical Gifts, a nonprofit medical organization that provides no-cost surgical services to children and young adults who were born with abnormalities, have sustained trauma, or have been victims of neglect or abuse.

Robert’s partnership with Fresh Start began five years ago when an oral surgery colleague told him about their mission. He has been actively involved with the nonprofit ever since and helps perform surgeries every six weeks. “My favorite part of being associated with Fresh Start Surgical Gifts is the ability to provide the surgical services that I was trained in while making a real long-term change in a young person’s life,” shared Robert. “One weekend of my time may possibly result in the lifelong betterment of a disadvantaged child and his or her family. It is an easy decision for me to make.”

The nonprofit is located on the Rady Children’s Hospital campus, with an official Fresh Start clinic having been built several years go. While surgeries are performed in Rady Children’s operating rooms, pre- and post-operative patient evaluations are performed in the designated clinic. Of his future with the organization, Robert said, “I plan to be with Fresh Start Surgical Gifts for years to come. I really believe in what they are doing for the community and for families. Fresh Start gives families hope for the future and that is a powerful tool.” For more information on Fresh Start’s services and programs visit