A Novel Idea

92130 resident and young author Sahana Kumar has released the second installment in her fantasy series, The Champion of Zairon. The sequel, titled The Rain of Blood, is a follow-up of her premiere novel, The Cave of Mystic Dreams. The series follows three heroes on a fantastical quest to save Earth. Along the way, they encounter heart-stopping dangers, challenges, and monsters at every turn. Sahana’s books are aimed at readers ranging from elementary to high school age.

x_student_novel2Sahana, a ninth-grader, has wanted to be a writer since her elementary schools days and has done all that she could to make her dreams a reality, with the help of her supportive family. “I always loved reading, even when I was very small, and I think after a while writing became a natural extension of that. For the longest time, I was under this impression that kids couldn’t write books,” Sahana explained. “I think one day in fourth grade it just kind of struck me like ‘Hey, maybe I can do this too,’ and that same day I picked up a pen and started to write.”

She was inspired to continue honing her writing skills by her parents and sister. “My family is amazingly, incredibly supportive. Almost more than I would have thought possible,” said Sahana. “Neither of my parents are writers but from the beginning they have been the biggest supporters of my writings. They both work really hard on making sure my books come out looking as professional as possible.” For now, Sahana will continue to work toward completing her book trilogy. Her current books are available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook form. For more information visit www.spkumarbooks.com.