Mosaic and Metamorphosis

Torrey Hills Center recently invited 92130 community members to join together for the unveiling of their new gathering spot. As a response to the water shortage, the center’s original 10-year-old fountain was dismantled and transformed into an art piece inspired by The Butterfly Project, a program that helps people address the topic of the Holocaust and injustice. Locals contributed to the project by creating 2,000 ceramic butterflies, which artists Helen Segal and Barbi Dorfan integrated into a large mosaic sculpture. “In keeping with the theme of The Butterfly Project, which memorializes the child victims of the Holocaust and strives against injustice, I created these figures reaching towards mythical, larger than life butterflies, symbolically representing a hopeful and brighter tomorrow,” explained Helen. During the unveiling, guests had the opportunity to speak to the artists and representatives of The Butterfly Project, as well as create more butterflies for future instillations. Learn more at