by LINDA FRABL | photo by Lifetouch Studios

Volunteer, Nurse, Practitioner

Kathleen Templin, who lives in the Torrey Hills section of Carmel Valley, is grateful for her wonderful community. She exclaimed, “I enjoy it here because it is very family-oriented. I especially enjoy seeing children playing outside and families walking their dogs. It is a very safe and friendly neighborhood and I feel I could ask my neighbors for help if needed.”

That spirit of helping others has influenced Kathleen towards her current volunteer work as a nurse practitioner for the St. James and St. Leo Catholic Community’s Medical Program. Based in Solana Beach, the program provides primary care medical and dental service to the working poor who have no other access to healthcare or medical insurance. Kathleen has been volunteering with the program since the early 1990s when it was just a one-room operation. Today the program offers seven exam rooms, a small pharmacy, a lab drawing area, and a dental clinic.


Name: Kathy Templin
Community: Torrey Hills in Carmel Valley
Volunteer Affiliation: St. James and St. Leo Medical Program
Profession: Adult Nurse Practitioner
Family: Two adult children and three grandchildren
Interests: Exercise, learning to play piano, reading, crossword puzzles, family activities, playing with my dog, volunteering with my church
Favorite Local Spots: Parks and local theaters


Group: St. James and St. Leo Medical and Dental Program
Mission: Holds the belief that all people deserve essential healthcare regardless of ability to pay. Their team maintains health and prevents illness through health assessments, screening tests, and counseling. They provide primary care assessment and treatment of patients with minor illnesses.
Phone: 858-259-9464

The volunteer doctors and nurses do not charge the patients for their services, but merely ask for a $10 donation if it’s feasible. For that, patients receive the initial doctor visit, lab work, and all medications. Committed to the cause, Kathleen emphasized, “Without our help, many of our patients would end up in emergency rooms suffering from chronic illnesses that could have been prevented.”

volunteer_1The volunteer-run medical program receives financial and physical help from the Del Mar Rotary, and accepts donations from individual donors and local churches. Plus, the staff writes grants for additional funding and purchases medications and supplies through a discounted program due to its volunteer status. Kathleen emphasized, however, that, “The costs still add up, so we must depend on the generosity of others.”

When she isn’t administering medical care for those less fortunate, Kathleen cares for her own mind and body through regular exercise. She also just started taking piano lessons, and she delights in reading, doing crossword puzzles, and spending time with her grandchildren. But volunteering is her one true passion, and Kathleen professed, “I get a tremendous feeling of satisfaction helping those who work so hard and have so little in their lives. I am so fortunate to have been born into a comfortable life situation that I am happy to help those who do not have that advantage.”