by LIZ ONUFER | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

East Coast Meets West Coast

As a couple, Bobby Buoncristiano and Natiya Guin combine the best of both their worlds. Bobby, born and raised in Philadelphia, and Natiya, a native of Santa Monica, have now created roots for their family in Carmel Valley – the perfect blend for this soon-to-be family of five.

“There is never a shortage of families out playing in our parks and yoga classes are always packed. It is a great balance of professionalism and leisure,” Natiya explained. The proximity to the beach is paramount for the family, as well. “We have a need to get to the beach. Either individually or as a group, we all need to relax and find ourselves at the beach,” she shared.


Fittingly, the couple met on the beach. Introduced by mutual friends, Natiya taught Bobby to surf, something she had done for many friends and family before. “But teaching Bobby was the most entertaining lesson by far,” Natiya admitted. For the first three years, the couple were “bicoastal,” working on opposite coasts, Natiya as a photographer and medical student and Bobby as a personal trainer, soccer coach, and fitness model.

The East Coast and West Coast dynamic has played a big role in their relationship, Natiya shared. “I was shocked by how loud everyone spoke the first time I visited Philly. At first I thought everyone was arguing but after a while I realized this was how their family bonded, by telling stories and catching up over good food and a good Eagles game,” she said. “My mom raised me doing yoga and meditating so it took me a while to get used to the East Coast approach to family time.”


Since starting a family five years ago, the couple has settled permanently in Carmel Valley. Their oldest daughter, Kai, is a gymnast and soccer player. Grace, at only a year old, is already showing her dance moves and strength. The girls are an active part of Bobby and Natiya’s days. “You can find our five-year-old Kai leading us in a Saturday morning yoga routine on the beach or Bobby running with both girls in the double stroller,” Natiya said.

Today, Bobby, Natiya, Kai, and Grace have created their own culture of family time. “We do our yoga and meditation and then we make a big healthy breakfast and visit while everyone in our busy house tells stories.”


Parents: Bobby Buoncristiano and Natiya Guin
Children: Kai (5, Ocean Air Elementary), Grace (1), and unborn baby boy
Community: Carmel Valley
Hometowns: Natiya – Santa Monica, CA; Bobby – Philadelphia, PA
Occupations: Natiya – Health photographer and medical student; Bobby – Personal trainer and soccer coach with a fitness modeling background
Favorite Local Places: Bay Club Carmel Valley, our beautiful beaches, local hiking trails