by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos provided by Del Mar Ballet 

Committed to Inspiring Students, Creating Artists, Serving the Community, and Enriching Lives 

With a last name like “Arts,” Marie Arts was born with a creative side. As the owner and artistic director of Del Mar Ballet, Marie allows her creativity to soar and encourages her dance students to be equally artistic. “Over the years I have developed a truly inspiring program with a series of exercises and distinctions where dancers realize they are artists and creators with their own style,” noted Marie. “They expand their capacity for building their authentic stage presence, making them a bright light on stage and in the world.”

Before Marie took over at Del Mar Ballet, she owned dance studios and led professional dance companies all over the nation. She has an extensive background in choreography and dance education and has taught ballet, variations, modern, jazz, musical theater, acting, and more.


Marie is proud to offer holistic and progressive training, with many of her teenage students attending top summer ballet programs nationwide, including the prestigious American Ballet Theatre in New York City. “The supporting atmosphere with a very clear, well-thought-out program and very professional, experienced teachers is the perfect recipe for fast and healthy improvement!” exclaimed Marie. “This is even happening – with great leaps and bounds – in our adult program. Whether they’re in their 20s or even 60s, adults are improving and mastering their double and triple pirouettes to their own surprise!”

“We take a strong stance that ballet and dance is an art form and the only competition should come from within, from inspirational wanting to improve for one’s self.”

In addition to its child and adult programs, Del Mar Ballet offers pre-professional classical and contemporary ballet, choreography, and year-round performances. Customers can expect to find a friendly and open environment at the studio, with “no ‘stars,’ no favorites, no competition, no cliques,” stated Marie. “We take a strong stance that ballet and dance is an art form and the only competition should come from within from inspirational wanting to improve for one’s self.” With admittedly quiet classrooms, Marie described the studio’s hallways, dressing rooms and lobby as being filled with laughter and chatter. “Come on in! Lets chat! Get to know one another,” exclaimed Marie. “We have an open door policy.”


As for her inspiration behind Del Mar Ballet, Marie replied, “Creating an arts organization built on teamwork with the teachers and choreographers and focusing on the individual dancer as a whole person who has much to contribute to any classroom and production.” She added, “Dancers need to be their own artist and be able to shine and create in any audition circumstance. This prepares them for a true, real career in the performing arts world.”


Name of Business: Del Mar Ballet
Owner/Artistic Director: Marie Arts
Years in Position: Three seasons
Year of Establishment: 2009
Address: 11211 Sorrento Valley Rd. Suite T, San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: 760-224-3549
Description of Business: Del Mar Ballet is a classical ballet and contemporary ballet studio with progressive training that prepares dancers for success with a career in dance. Children and teen classes expand to jazz, jazz fusion, musical theater, modern, voice, improv, and a unique choreography program. Del Mar Ballet has one of the largest adult ballet programs in the San Diego area, with ballet classes morning and evening six times a week, for beginners through advanced. They also offer pointe classes three times a week for adults, beginning, intermediate, classical ballet variations, and Floor Barre & Conditioning Class.