Canyon Crest Academy alum and UC Santa Barbara graduates, Tyler Baron and Ryan Kroner, are living their dream of connecting with other gamers via their YouTube channel, Treesicle. Tyler and Ryan, along with their college friends Grant and Kevin, founded their channel in 2014 and have since gained 250,000 subscribers and 23 million views. Inspired by watching other people play games with commentary, the Treesicle team was inspired to create their own top-notch gaming entertainment. “We aim to leave our viewers amused and entertained while hopefully still learning something,” explained Tyler. “I’ve wanted to do this since high school and it’s amazing to see it becoming my career. Also, it’s insanely fun to run a company with three of your best friends.” Though their videos are now earning a profit, the team asserts their greatest accomplishment is getting messages and comments from fans about how their show has brightened their day. View their work at