by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

Perfectly Blended

The Becerra-Zamora family is an active blended family with an affinity for Carmel Valley and anything and everything to do with the ocean. “We love the Carmel Valley community because it is very family-friendly. There are beautiful parks throughout the area. We live near a small canyon where we can take our dogs for walks. The schools are exceptional and we’re walking distance from the Del Mar Highlands. Everything we need is so close, not to mention that the beach is only 10 minutes away,” related Patty Zamora. She, her husband Santi Becerra, and their children – Sofia, Nico, and James – are thrilled to live so close to the coast as they enjoy sailing, snorkeling, and swimming. In fact, Patti and Santi recently launched a catamaran charter business called Espiritu Santi Luxury Catamaran Charters.


Patty and Santi may have only recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary, but they have known each other for more than 20 years. “We both went to UCSD. We met while we were working at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, which is based on the campus. We were sweethearts for a couple of years and then went our separate ways to pursue our careers. A few years ago, after our first marriages didn’t work out for us, we reconnected and have been together ever since,” revealed Patty, who is a former publicist for a large San Diego-based biotech company. Currently she is chief operating officer of the Becerra-Zamora family in addition to her duties as co-owner of the catamaran charter business. Santi works for MeLLmo Inc., a Solana Beach company whose signature product is a mobile business analytical app.

“A few years ago, after our first marriages didn’t work out for us, we reconnected and have been together ever since.”

As for the family’s three children, the best words to describe them would be active and athletic. Eight-year-old Sofia dances at the Royal Dance Academy in Carmel Valley and plays soccer for the Del Mar Sharks league. Nico is nine years old and is a swimmer for the Rancho Dieguito Swim Team. He also won first place in the St. John Beach-to-Beach Power Swim, completing a three-and-a-half mile assisted race. At 11 years old, James started Carmel Valley Middle School this fall and plays soccer for the Del Mar Sharks league.

This busy family also enjoys traveling, recently returning from a week-long road trip to Big Sur. “It was the five of us and our three dogs in an RV,” laughed Patty when recalling the adventure.

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Parents: Santiago “Santi” Becerra and Patty Zamora
Children: Sofia (8, Diegueno Country School),
Nico (9, Diegueno Country School),
James (11, Carmel Valley Middle School)
Community: Carmel Valley
Hometowns: Patty – San Diego; Santi – Miami, FL
Occupations: Santi – Co-owner and captain of Espiritu Santi Luxury Catamaran Charters and Software Developer for MeLLmo Inc.; Patty – Co-owner and Manager of Espiritu Santi Luxury Catamaran Charters
Pets: Dogs – Ruby, Coco, and Chanel; Cat – Phoebe
Favorite Local Spots: Fletcher’s Cove in Solana Beach and Cafe Secret in Del Mar