92130 skier David Cynkin was one of 45 people to be chosen to train in Lake Placid, NY and Park City, UT with the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team’s Elite Development program. The Torrey Pines High School freshman earned the opportunity to train with Olympians at facilities that hosted past Winter Olympic games. He spent one week training in aerial freestyle at Lake Placid at the Olympic Training Center, and earned a scholarship to continue training at the Utah Olympic until school started.

During his time in the program, he was put through rigorous fitness tests and skill evaluations. Training focused on overall fitness, as well as aerial ski ramping. “Ski ramping is how freestyle skiers train in the summer. It consists of ski ramps with a water landing to practice new skills in a safer environment,” explained David. On his future as an athlete, David shared, “I’m always up for a new challenge.”