by LINDA FRABL | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

Story Book Children’s Author

For eight years, clinical psychologist Azmaira H. Maker has had her practice established in the Carmel Valley neighborhood, and she adored the area so much that she recently moved with her husband and two children to the community. She admitted, “It is beautiful and it has easy access to the beach, the ocean, and hikes. I also enjoy the excellent restaurants, multiple parks, and many child-friendly and family-friendly activities.”


As a psychologist specializing in child, teen, family, and adult issues, Azmaira noticed that parents were especially struggling with discussing divorce with their children. That prompted her to write the book Family Changes: Explaining Divorce To Children. Azmaira elaborated, “It’s for children ages four to eight years old, and it’s an engaging tool for them to better understand the meaning of divorce and to help them identify typical feelings and questions related to divorce. The language I have used is developmentally geared towards young children, and the beautiful illustrations and magical content allow children to be drawn into the story.”

Name: Azmaira H. Maker
Profession: Clinical Psychologist
Community: Carmel Valley and Del Mar
Hobbies: The beach, snorkeling, wildlife and nature, reading, hiking, international cuisine and cooking, and world travel
Favorite Local Spots: Torrey Pines State Beach, beaches in Del Mar, and local restaurants with diverse and unique cuisine

The book has not only garnered excellent reviews from well-established book reviewers, including Midwest Book Review and NetGalley, but it has also received positive write-ups in such magazines as Examiner, Splash, Counseling Today, Thrive, and Flourish Magazine. The book also consistently gets praised on Amazon. Commenting on her book’s success, Azmaira said, “It is unique and different from other children’s books on divorce, as it is a more comprehensive, process-oriented picture storybook with a guide for parents at the beginning and a list of typical process questions at the end. Reviewers, professionals, children, and parents have also loved the illustrations as the artist, Polona Lovsin, has delivered exquisite pictures.”


In addition to seeing clients one-on-one, Azmaira also offers workshops for large groups. Aside from handling divorce issues, Azmaira is also adept at guiding her patients through ADHD, self-esteem, behavioral management, anxiety, pregnancy loss, adoption, and communicating with teenagers. She stated, “I really enjoy engaging in meaningful dialogues through which everyone can learn and grow. I love dynamic, energetic, and interactive learning environments, and when we have delved deep into the issues and questions presented, it is very powerful for me.”

Azmaira has many more powerful learning opportunities to impart onto others. For more information on her practice, her workshops, or her upcoming books, visit