A local activist has been recognized at a national as an Everyday Hero by Glamour Magazine and Investigation Discovery due to her commitment to serving those affected by domestic abuse. The advocate Kristin Paruginog has shared her experience of domestic abuse since 2011 and at 22 she founded the nonprofit Break the Silence against Domestic Violence. The group’s mission is to educate communities on domestic violence, connect victims and survivors, and provide resources for those in need.

As of July 1 the organization debuted their “Blow the Whistle” challenge which will raise awareness on domestic violence and also fundraise money for the Grants of Hope program that is offered for those affected by financial abuse. Participating in the challenge entails purchasing The Survivor Whistle and creating a video to post on social media that challenges three other friends to support the cause. For more information about the organization and the challenge visit www.breakthesilencedv.org.