by LYDIA COBB | photo by Zeena Gregg Photography

Very Together

Joe and Trisha Virga, with their young boys, visited Del Mar on a winter vacation in 2012 and never wanted to leave. “Three months later, we packed up everything we owned in Brooklyn, NY and moved our family across the country to San Diego. We opened our business, CKO Kickboxing,” shared Joe. Now settled in Torrey Hills, this active family continues to be on the move. They love the community’s access to Carmel Valley and the elementary school, and its parks where the kids play. “We also love that the beach is so close,” added Joe.


The Virgas own and operate CKO Kickboxing, a fitness kickboxing gym. They previously operated the business in Brooklyn and brought it over to the West Coast with the rest of their prized posessions. In addition, they recently opened a youth sports performance center called The Parisi Speed School, and they also serve as brand ambassadors for Lululemon. Giving back, the Virgas have supported Jog-A-Thons held by local elementary schools. “What’s most rewarding is watching all the kids stay active and enjoy doing it. When I was growing up all we did was play. Technology has changed that for this young generation. It’s so great to see the kids stay active,” explained Joe.

Parents: Joseph and Trisha Virga
Children: Joseph (6), Caleb (4), Luke (2)
Community: Torrey Ridge
Hometowns: Joe – Brooklyn, NY; Trisha – Modesto, CA
Professions: Owners and Operators of the Parisi Speed School and CKO Kickboxing
Favorite Local Places: Powerhouse Park, Flower Hill Promenade, Ocean Air Community Park, Fletcher Cove

Their sons Joseph, Caleb, and Luke love to play outside riding bikes, swimming, and being at the park together. “Living healthy lifestyles is very important to us,” mentioned Joe. Yet they love to relax poolside on Sundays, which is a tradition. Del Mar beach days are also restorative.

Family time is very important to us.”

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Joe and Trisha met in Utah at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. Joe, a graduate of St. John’s University in Queens, was with his cousin, an actor in several of the films. “I approached a beautiful girl who was sitting behind a table promoting a charity that she worked for,” recalled Joseph, “and we got married a year later!” Trisha, a graduate of Biola University, is now closer to her family who live in Modesto.

Like many young families, the Virgas have a lot going on. “We spend a good part of the day together since we have such busy schedules,” added Joe. “Family time is very important to us.” Before meals and at the end of the day, they pray together. They’re grateful for each and every moment.