by LIZ ONUFER | photo by Zeena Gregg Photography

No Place 4 Hate


What began with a visiting guest speaker in her sixth grade class has now evolved into a commitment and passion for Layla Jaffe. A senior at Canyon Crest Academy, Layla is dedicated to social justice issues and working for equality.

Layla’s interest was piqued at an early age when a speaker from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) spoke to her class about anti-Semitism. But it was not until her sophomore year of high school that Layla saw the opportunity to act. She was introduced to the SLATE Club, Students Learning Acceptance Through Education, in her AP World History class. The school club focuses on diversity issues and is part of ADL’s No Place for Hate program. In this program, Layla and her peers share the same ideals; “We have amazing and passionate members who truly believe in equality and believe in learning about equality.” The club has taken the program one step farther and created the No Place for Hate Week. “We used this week to emphasize and empower our amazing students and staff to create not only a better campus, but a better community and world,” shared Layla.

The work of the SLATE Club is complemented by Layla’s course work. Her favorite subject is history, where she recognized, “The world can learn from its past mistakes and successes.” The Social Justice class Layla has recently taken deepened her study of current events and history. “It has expanded and opened the world of human rights to be bigger than I ever believed,” she said.

Name: Layla Jaffe (18)
School: Canyon Crest Academy
Grade: 12
Parents: Charles Jaffe and Janith Seidel
Siblings: Marcia (19) and Jacob (10)
Favorite Place in Carmel Valley: My home


Layla’s commitment to equality is evident in and out of school; she served as an intern at the ADL and enjoys following current events. “I enjoy learning about politics and discussing different issues,” Layla acknowledged. Her parents have planted this seed and Layla sees them as great inspiration today. “I am Jewish, and it is a large part of Jewish culture to fight for equality. My parents instilled this into me at a young age and that is the reason I have such a strong drive to create equality,” Layla explained.

Looking ahead, Layla plans to pursue a career as an international lawyer, though she admitted, “I know that I am only 18 years old and my interests may change along the way.” For now, Layla appreciates her Carmel Valley community and the opportunities to promote equality at Canyon Crest Academy.