by LYDIA COBB | photos provided by BodyQuest Fitness


One Trainer. One Client.


cs-body_quest_kristinThe clients of BodyQuest Fitness are diverse. Many come in search of weight loss and muscle strength while others are training to improve their golf game or hike mountains. One thing they all have in common is their desire to workout with Kristin Fergasse and her trademark training style, Slow-Intensity®. “Everybody has a different objective in mind,” explained Kristin, owner of BodyQuest Fitness. “It’s my mission to find out exactly what clients want to achieve and help them realize it’s attainable and we can train for it.”

Founded in 2006, BodyQuest Fitness is the culmination of Kristin’s own competitive sports background and her decade of experience training others to achieve their fitness goals. She wanted to create a place where she could work individually with clients in a one-on-one setting with no distractions. Each workout is customized to the varying fitness levels of each client. They use Nautilus machines, cable-cross machines, free weights, medicine balls, and body weight exercises to take each muscle group to fatigue. While the workout is demanding, the consistent theme of Slow-Intensity® is safety first. The repetitions are slow – very slow in fact. Just imagine: 10 seconds to lift the weight and 10 seconds to lower the weight until you can’t move it at all! Proper breathing techniques, body alignment, and muscle awareness are all cornerstones of this workout.

“This workout is demanding, but if the body isn’t being challenged it will never change. Our goal is to push clients beyond where they want to stop and safely take them to the point the muscles actually fatigue.”

cs-body_quest01It is impossible to push this hard and maintain perfect form without someone watching, guiding, and coaching you. Kristin and her trainer-employee of eight years, Rachael Stoltz, have weekly meetings about each client’s progress and discuss any milestone achievements, recovery progress, and details about each workout. They also work with clients’ health practitioners to ensure safe recoveries. Don, a nine-year client, expressed, “Kristin and Rachael have been wonderful, tailoring the workouts to my ability and specific needs. Last year, following my surgery, the workouts were specially designed for me to first improve flexibility, and then strength over time. I have received great nutritional advice as well, which combined with the workouts, has led to a far more healthy lifestyle. I will turn 60 this summer and I honestly feel that I am in better shape and overall health than I was at 40.” The duo team is nationally certified through numerous academies in strength and conditioning, personal training and diet and nutrition.

Kristin’s sports background is extensive. She excelled as a top tennis player in Pennsylvania and played for Penn State, later obtaining her certification as a teaching tennis pro at Van Der Meer Tennis University. She worked as a conditioning coach while simultaneously helping rehab player’s injuries such as knee, hip, and shoulder problems. She utilizes that knowledge to incorporate myofascial release, stretching, and yoga into the workout for clients that need additional help and support.

“My mission continues to be helping each client know what they are capable of, and it’s amazing when its greater than what they imagined,” shared Kristin. Many clients have continued with BodyQuest for nearly 10 years. It’s about the whole person – and optimizing the life experience.cs-body_quest03


Name of Business: BodyQuest Fitness
Owner: Kristin Fergasse, Owner and Personal Trainer
Years of Operation: 9.5
Address: 731 South Highway 101 Suite 1D, Solana Beach, CA 92075
Phone: 858-794-0040
Overview: BodyQuest Fitness is a private, one-on-one personal training facility focusing specifically on high-intensity, low-force weight training at slow, safe speeds. It is designed to make clients strong enough to enjoy their lives and create healthy and lean bodies.