Excellence in Teaching 

Six UC San Diego faculty members were recently honored for excellence in teaching, one of the honorees being Carmel Valley’s own Martin Yanofsky. Martin is a distinguished professor of biology and was honored for his outstanding research in science and engineering. After being nominated as an award candidate by his academic peers, Martin was selected to receive an award by a committee comprised of the Chancellor’s Associates donors, a group that gives an annual leadership gift to the university. Criteria for the selection were based on each professor’s achievements, reputation, and impact on students and the academic community. Being a world leader in developmental and evolutionary plant biology, Martin more than fits the bill.

His discoveries are featured in textbooks used by thousands of students, and his 23 patents have opened up much opportunity for global agricultural resources. “Martin Yanofsky’s research has contributed to progress in understanding mechanisms of developmental biology, with application to food crops that can have a sustaining impact on the environment, agricultural practices, and improvement of human health,” said Lorraine Pillus, Professor and Chair of the Molecular Biology Section. “His work has been driven by exceptionally creative and skillful strategies for gene discovery, and his recognition of both the evolutionary and practical significance of his findings.”

Martin was awarded at an annual ceremony that celebrated the accomplishments of UC San Diego faculty as a whole while highlighting the important contributions of the university’s most exemplary teachers and researchers. The Chancellor’s Associates ultimately recognized the outstanding accomplishments of university faculty members with a citation and $2,500 award.