by KELLY GUSICH | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

Facing Off with the Rogaskis

Mike and Pam Rogaski, along with their three sons Jack, Luke, and Hank, have enjoyed playing hockey in San Diego for the past seven years. They are part of the San Diego District Hockey League, with both ice and in-line skates. “We find many families are interested in hockey,” Pam confided, “but just don’t know how to get started in the sport in San Diego.”


All five Rogaskis have a happy hockey history:

Mike: Motivated by his kids’ love for the sport, he has learned to skate and plays in the Escondido Ice-Plex Adult Hockey League.

Pam: Plays in the in-line Adult Hockey League at the Escondido Sports Center and skates around town with the boys for exercise and to help keep up their skills. She also serves as team manager, scorekeeper, and assistant to the San Diego District Hockey League Board.

Jack: Plays ice and in-line hockey, and was recently chosen for the Ice Junior High Division All-Star Team. He just received his USA Hockey Referee certification, and after his mentoring is complete he plans to feed his college fund through his work throughout the five San Diego rinks.

Luke: Plays ice and in-line, and participates in the San Diego District Hockey League’s “Learn to Play” program as a junior coach.

Hank: Plays both ice and in-line hockey. Hank’s ice hockey team, the Junior Gulls, placed second in the Southern California Amateur Hockey Association (SCAHA) semi-final playoffs in Riverside.

Mike and Pam Rogaski, along with their three sons Jack, Luke, and Hank, have enjoyed playing hockey in San Diego for the past seven years.

The family would like to see the sport grow large enough to be supported by school districts and have hockey as a team sport in junior high and high schools. To this end, they host a free “Learn to Play” program, which allows children of all ages to borrow their gear during six-week sessions and learn the game. “During these sessions, you’ll find experienced young teens generously volunteering their time to teach new players how to play the game. We’re happy and proud to be a part of the San Diego hockey community,” Pam shared. “Our boys are learning important life lessons, learning to give back, while making long-lasting friendships and keeping physically active.”

The Rogaskis would love to educate the community and dispel the myths surrounding hockey. Pam continued by saying, “Hockey is a fast-paced team sport requiring strategic thinking. Active kids absolutely thrive in hockey!”


Parents: Mike and Pam Rogaski
Children : Jack (13), Luke (12), Hank (10)
Community: Torrey Hills
Parents’ Hometowns: Mike – Vallejo, CA; Pam – Hacienda Heights, CA
Parents’ Occupations: Mike – Attorney at Lorber, Greenfield and Polito; Pam – Clinical Trial Manager (manages a drug study for the control of tremors)
Favorite Local Places: Carlsbad Icetown Ice Rink