The Vision of Children Foundation (VOC), a local nonprofit that funds research to find a cure for genetic eye disorders, held their Donor Appreciation Luncheon at The Grand Del Mar. The event catered to sixty local residents and celebrated their top donors. Jeremy Poincenot, the keynote speaker, shared his inspirational journey of how he has embraced life after being diagnosed with a rare, incurable genetic disorder and the loss of his central vision. After Jeremy shared his story, Gregory Ostrow, M.D., noted that he had to often deliver the same heartbreaking news to parents of children with degenerative eyesight, but that VOC has helped to change that with their funding of new developments in medicine and gene therapy. VOC aims to improve the lives of visually impaired children and their families. By featuring young people who have overcome their vision challenges through its recently launched Vision Hero Series, the Foundation hopes to inspire children to overcome their challenges.