Madelyn Weinstein worked hard to bring together not only La Jolla Country Day School’s (LJCDS) baseball and softball teams but also the San Diego Padres in the fight against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). After witnessing her own grandfather’s experience with the fatal disease, Madelyn and her family reached out to Project A.L.S., a New York-based organization that puts 90% of donations toward research. In support of the organization, Madelyn organized a charity game at Petco Park between LJCDS school’s team and their rivals from Santa Fe Christian Schools where proceeds from concessions went toward Project A.L.S. The game at Petco Park was only the first event of a month-long fundraiser called Strike Out ALS. On the importance of the cause, Madelyn explained, “When people realize how many members of their community are actually affected by the disease, it’s shocking that people don’t pay more attention to it.” For more information on how you can show support contact