by DR. CHRIS PHAM, Carmel Valley Pediatric Dentistry

The Best Smile for Your Child

carmel_valley_p_dr_phamChoosing a dentist for your child is no small task. Your child deserves the best smile that modern technology has to offer. Dentistry for children has come a long way. While most modern offices have TVs over dental chairs and fun playrooms to let your child know “this is their place,” there are other attributes to look for to ensure your child’s office delivers the best care around.

Is the office dentist a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists? Dentists typically undergo four years of training after college. Pediatric dentists will attain a specialty degree over the course of an additional two to three years of residency. These just aren’t small versions of big teeth we are dealing with so understanding growth and development is critical. It is important to understand how treatment choices affect the adult teeth coming in. These pediatric specialist offices will also be able to deliver the latest child specific techniques and materials that make it not only more comfortable for your child, but also more customized for young needs.

Look for an office that has a doctor that is board certified – this designation has more distinction even amongst the specialized pediatric dentists. This distinction indicates they have succeeded on rigorous oral and written tests, keeping up with the most current research on a yearly basis.

Most importantly, make sure you connect and feel comfortable with the staff and doctor. Without comfort and trust, proper communication impedes choices and decisions for your child’s care. Call for a meet-and-greet tour for you and your child to familiarize yourselves with the office.

A great office will do all they can to make the visit to the dentist fun and easy. Since pediatric dentists see children only, in addition to decor, your child will see other kids in the office which can offer behavioral comfort. A great office will customize their interactions to your child’s needs. They only see children, and they love kids and it will show. This sets the tone for a lifetime of happy smiles. In our area check out Torrey Pines Pediatric Dentistry, Carmel Valley Pediatric Dentistry, and 4S Pediatric Dentistry.



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