Carmel Valley School Sets Record for Group Hug

Nothing brings people together quite like a common goal, and Canyon Crest Academy knows a thing or two about bringing people together. Literally as many as 191 students and staff of CCA united recently in the effort to beat the world record for biggest hug. The previous held record was for a 70-person hug, which is less than half of the total participants in CCA’s record-breaking endeavor. The inspiration behind the ambitious hug came from students who participate in the on-campus PALS program.

The advisor to PALS, Laura Krogh, explained the process, “We wanted to find a fun, unique, and interactive way to unify our school as a whole.” The PALS class organized a week called “We are CCA” that aimed to generate student pride and foster a school-wide connection. They ultimately decided there was no better way to bring the community together than to conduct one massive hug. The hug represents the importance of keeping CCA’s atmosphere full of excitement and exemplifies the pride CCA students and staff have in their school. CCA staff attribute the hug’s great success to the fact that their student body and staff members are always open to trying something new, taking risks, and stepping outside of their comfort zone to make the school a special and unique place to be. Laura described the accomplishment as such, “People want to be here and they want to be involved on campus, which fosters a supportive and inclusive environment overall.”