Carmel Valley Resident Balances Type 1 Diabetes Research and Family Life

Balancing one’s work and family life is a difficult feat for anyone, which is why the recent nomination of family man Matthias von Herrath, M.D. as the top type 1 diabetes scientist by the San Francisco American Diabetes Association (ADA)is so impressive. “Being nominated was of course very special to me. It was by an independent ranking association and announced at the international diabetes meeting last year held by the ADA,” explained Matthias. While the award was flattering, Matthias uses it as an incentive to work even harder on diabetes prevention research.

x_vonType 1 diabetes is a disease in which the immune system attacks the cells in the pancreas that make insulin and keep the body’s blood sugar in check. Matthias was inspired to work toward helping improve human health after losing his father to a stroke when he was only eight years old. Since discovering that vaccines can be designed to redirect aggressive immune cells, Matthias has come quite a long way in accomplishing his dream. “This is really a dream of mine, but as you can imagine this involves lots of travel and I am very grateful to my family and especially Natalie for supporting me,” explained Matthias. Matthias shares his home in Carmel Valley with his wife Natalie, and his four children who range from four months to 18 years old. With the continued support of his family, Matthias will continue to work toward making a universal vaccine to prevent the disease.