At a special Red Shoe Day two-day event at Ocean Air Elementary students, parents, and school supporters raised over $3,000 for San Diego’s Ronald McDonald House and participated in various kindness-themed activities with the Red Shoe Crew. The Red Shoe Crew is a new program for the Ronald McDonald House that brings the message of kindness and charity to San Diego area schools through activities specially crafted for school-age children. As the inaugural school, Ocean Air students set a high bar with their philanthropic efforts.

On the first day, Ocean Air Student Council members guided their fellow classmates as they wrote encouraging messages on a poster displayed at the Ronald McDonald House the following week. Students also colored pictures of Ronald’s shoe to be included in welcome bags for families. The school also held a student assembly with representatives from the Ronald McDonald House. On the second day, Ocean Air held its very own Red Shoe Day fundraiser. Student Council members stood in front of the school during the morning drop-off and collected donations in Ronald’s size 14 red shoes. To learn more visit