Carmel Valley nonprofit The League of Amazing Programmers is offering scholarships to four young girls, ages 10 and up, to learn how to code computers during the upcoming spring break. The workshop is “Intro to Java” and is one of the many programs offered by the after-school organization. The league teaches Java programming to boys and girls in an ongoing, year-round curriculum, usually starting in the fifth grade. Their teachers are all volunteer Java professionals and each teacher has a small class usually made up of four students. While there is generally a waitlist for the continuing program, week-long workshops are offered during vacation periods. Scholarships are also offered based on financial need. The upcoming workshop for which the scholarships are being offered is a part of the GirlsRule program, which aims to foster computer skills for young girls. There currently is a waiting list, but new classes open up when new volunteers are found to teach. For more information go to