Swimming Success

Coach John Silverman of TritonTykes has parents impressed with his swimming method. He is teaching even the most reluctant and hesitant children to swim in only seven days. Silverman coaches children, as well as adults, to feel secure in the water while enjoying the total swimming experience. “The mission is quite simple,” he explained, “to train a child to be pool- safe in a short period of time with minimal objection or displeasure. It is a seven consecutive day system based on continuity, consistency, and psychology.” This system, which is a gentle but firm approach, was developed by legendary Swim Coach Tom Bradbury over a 58-year period comprising over 94,000 students. This unique method has a proven 100% success rate.


John was introduced to the program first-hand when Coach Bradbury taught his two grandsons (ages 2 and 4) in the spring of 2013. He was inspired to learn the coach’s “secrets” and start his own program. In the spring of 2014 John spent one month under the tutelage of Coach Bradbury training 120 children. “He transferred a wealth of information to me, and as a result, I am extremely confident,” John stated. His confidence stems from more than just his hundreds of hours of training; John has been a swimmer since age 3 and worked as an ocean lifeguard at Hollywood Beach, FL during his college summers. John formed his business, TritonTykes, in the summer of 2014 immediately following his training under Coach Bradbury. Today, John teaches in San Diego, Orange County, and Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

“My four-year-old daughter was very reluctant and fearful of the water prior to meeting Coach John. After only two days with him, she, who three days prior would barley put her knee in the water, was putting her head under and swimming several feet across the pool to John. I was amazed!”
~ Leilani Fraser

John explained that on the first day the swimmers are usually quite resistant and hesitant. By the end of day two the child realizes that nothing frightening has happened and by day three the child begins to appreciate his or her new skill. “At this time going to the pool becomes exciting and by day five the child doesn’t want to leave the pool,” he said. Silverman feels strongly that “the best part of this experience is witnessing the jubilation of the parents along with the newly acquired confidence of the child.” He continued, “Swimming is most importantly a life skill, however it is also a huge boost to a child’s self-esteem at this point in their life.” John has derived great gratification working with children with Down syndrome and Asperger’s syndrome along with micro preemies (children born prior to week 28 of gestation). “Once trained, a child will never forget what he/she has learned.” John stated. “The 100% success rate, the Bradbury method, which is based on 58 years of experience, and the short, seven-day duration all add up to a most pleasant learning experience for the child as well as the parents”



Name of Business: TritonTykes
Owner: John Silverman
Year of Establishment: 2014
Website: www.tritontykes.com
Email: john@tritontykes.com
Phone: 858-519-4268
Description of Business: TritonTykes employs a system of swim instruction that is modeled after the 58-year career of Coach Tom Bradbury. It is a seven-day system based on continuity, consistency, and psychology. This unique method has a proven 100% success rate.