by KELLY GUSICH | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

Stories of Family

Story 1: They Meet
Stacy and Dave Boodman met in high school at a Jewish youth group called B’nai B’rith Youth Organization. They started dating soon after that (with one adventure together on Judge Wapner’s People’s Court in 1992. They won a case called Mitsubishi Mash and had great fun on the show with Judge Wapner) and married soon after graduating from UC San Diego. “We have known each other more than half of our lives,” Stacy shared, “and we love each other more now than when we got married.” Dave continued, “We have the same high school, college, and family friends and it’s really special to know someone so deeply like that.”

Story 2: Where to Go?
The Boodmans chose to live in Carmel Country Highlands. Besides the central location, Stacy’s real estate business is there along with the children’s dance studio. They also love the blue ribbon, award-winning Ocean Air Elementary School. (Go Principal Stanley!)


Story 3: The Kids
Ellie Boodman turned 11 in January and is in 5th grade at Ocean Air. She is a manager of Zoo Crew at school and loves art and art club. She dances five days a week at Inspired Movement Dance and Performing Arts and is on their competition dance team. Danielle Boodman (also known as the “Lucky 7s Baby” because she was born on 7/27/07 at 7:17 a.m. weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces) is seven, in 2nd grade at Ocean Air, and loves bike riding and animals of all kinds. She dances six days a week at Inspired Movement and is also on the competition team. Both girls volunteer monthly for seniors, the homeless, and the environment. The third daughter in the Boodman family is Dakota – a rescue Lab mix.

Story 4: Family Fun
As a family, the Boodmans vacation regularly (New York City, Phoenix, Big Bear, Yosemite, and Pismo Beach), but at home they love hiking the Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve, biking, eating dinner together, and keeping a puzzle going on the coffee table – the perfect location to gather and talk. Oh, and don’t forget 1980s movie night! When asked about the best part of parenthood, Stacy and Dave responded, “The best part is helping raise kids that will be loving contributors to our society and our planet. It’s also about the hugs, kisses, love, and the moments when you see your children grow and blossom beyond their expectations.”

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Parents: Stacy and Dave Boodman
Children: Emily Boodman (10, 5th grade at Ocean Air Elementary) Danielle Boodman (7, 2nd grade at Ocean Air Elementary)
Community: Saratoga in Carmel Country Highlands since 2006
Parents’ Hometowns: Stacy – Irvine, CA, Dave – Huntington Beach, CA
Parents’ Occupations: Stacy – Realtor, Dave – Chief Engineer
Pet: Dakota – Lab Mix
Favorite Places to Visit in 92130: Jimbos, the Farmers Market, Inspired Movement Dance Studio, Ocean Air Elementary School, Tilly’s, Urban Plates