by TORI MORRISON | photos by Tyler McElhaney 

Catch Up. Keep Up.
Get Ahead.

At Mathnasium of Carmel Valley, instructors focus on teaching math in a way that makes sense to the student. They believe that anyone can do math. Equally important, they believe that math should be fun. As the center director, Jan shared, “Most kids don’t really hate math. They hate not being good at it. So we strive to make students believe that they can understand challenging math concepts, and we follow through by using different teaching approaches until we find one that makes sense to them. There really is no secret formula. We generally find that math success is simply a combination of caring instructors, a fun atmosphere, customized math instruction, and hard work on each student’s part.”

Jan elaborated, “Some students come in lacking confidence and feeling defeated by math. But after a few weeks, they start to believe in themselves and their ability to understand difficult math concepts. At the same time, we have students that love math and are looking to further advance. After a brief period, they’re able to work through concepts one or two grade levels above their current level. While it’s great to see students’ scores improve, the greatest reward is seeing their confidence and excitement toward math increase.”


When a student first starts, Mathnasium of Carmel Valley goes through a system of identifying the specific foundational math concepts holding the student back. They then use this to build a customized learning plan for each student. This helps the student become more productive and immediately addresses the concepts most critical to them.

Mathnasium of Carmel Valley focuses only on math. This allows them to hire instructors that are uniquely strong in math. All of their instructors are math or engineering majors. And this supports another facet of their program. All of the math instruction is done in the center under the guidance of the instructors. This is a key point. In Mathnasium of Carmel Valley, the instructors do the teaching, not the worksheets. This allows them to focus on teaching the concepts first rather than just memorizing algorithms or facts.

A typical session consists of a warm-up activity with an instructor who then goes over the lessons for the day. Following this, the student and instructor then work on their long-term learning plan for about 30 to 40 minutes. In the last 20 to 30 minutes, the instructor helps the student complete homework or prepare for a test. Sometimes the session will end in a math or logic game. And through every step of the process, a math instructor is eager to answer any questions or concerns.

Mathnasium of Carmel Valley understands that when math makes sense to students a transformation takes place – students are more confident, their grades improve, and their overall progress in school increases. “We believe that anyone can be good at math,” shared Jan. And, with the math instruction at Mathnasium of Carmel Valley, students can be.



Year of Establishment: 2014
Address: Del Mar Highlands Town Center
3435 Del Mar Heights Rd., Suite 100,
San Diego, CA 92130
Phone: 858-755-6284
Description of Business: Mathnasium provides supplemental math instruction that helps kids catch up, keep up, and get ahead in math. The program is based on 40 years of research and implementation.