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Dentistry has never been as exciting as it is today. The ability of dentists to save and restore the health of your teeth and mouth cannot be understated. However, there is one caveat. Is your dentist using a surgical operating microscope to help save your teeth? After all, your dentist can only treat what he or she can see. This is why I have now incorporated surgical microscopes in my routine practice in Del Mar and Solana Beach.

ad_delmarIn the last 14 years of practicing dentistry, I have always asked myself if I could be doing things better for my patients. Could I be providing more comprehensive, precise, and detailed care? With the advent and advancements in dental materials, so too have the techniques in placing and utilizing these materials improved. By not abiding to these new specific protocols and techniques dental materials and restorations can prematurely fail. By using a surgical microscope I can now see things at a level of detail which can’t be seen by the naked eye or even magnification glasses known as loupes. This is truly amazing! It has given me the confidence in knowing that my work is being performed at the highest standard. In short, all of my patients will benefit.

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