by LINDA FRABL | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

The Yoga Liaison

Hubert Pilloud was born and raised in Switzerland and became a fighter pilot and instructor with the Swiss Air Force. He then took a job as a liaison officer for the Swiss government, which allowed him to move to America. After being transferred to San Diego in 2008 and moving to Carmel Valley, Hubert recalled, “My new assignment was a blessing because San Diego is where I discovered yoga, which has transformed my life.”

That transformation motivated Hubert to become the founder/CEO of the Hanumanity Foundation, which aims to make yoga available and affordable for everyone, especially those who are less fortunate and/or with special needs. Hubert elaborated, “Many people or communities do not have access to yoga due to their remote location or financial constraints, and we want to make sure that everyone can experience the benefits of yoga – not only the physical practice of yoga, but also the philosophy, the mediation, the breathing, and the nutrition.”


As a fighter pilot, Hubert developed severe back and neck pain due to his body’s constant exposure to high g-forces. But after five years of practicing yoga, he has completely healed! Yoga also gave Hubert a much-needed calmness to his existence. He explained, “My life was always in supersonic speed, goal-oriented, driven, and with a go-go-go mindset, leaving me no time to stop and experience the present moment. But the more I practiced yoga, the more my awareness expanded around the true meaning of life and the importance of mindfulness in the present moment.”

In addition to his involvement with the Hanumanity Foundation, Hubert, who owns a yellow lab named Bodhi, is also involved with the Pet Therapy Program at La Jolla’s Scripps Hospital. Plus, he has spent two summers in Montana helping the Howling Wolf Ranch Foundation (aka the Wounded Warrior Foundation). He also volunteers with the Armed Services YMCA, teaching yoga and assisting at the surf clinic for injured soldiers.

As for his proudest moments with the Hanumanity Foundation, Hubert proclaimed, “My simple joy is when participants say ‘thank you’ with a joyful and peaceful face at the end of a yoga class. They’re happy to be present, and I see them again on the mat the following week. That means that we have done something right and that yoga is helping them and enhancing their quality of life.”




Name: Hubert Pilloud
ommunity: Carmel Valley
Volunteer Affiliations: Hanumanity Foundation, Pet Therapy at Scripps Hospital in La Jolla, Howling Wolf Ranch Foundation (Wounded Warrior Foundation), San Diego Opera, Armed Services YMCA
Occupation: Fighter Pilot, Liaison Officer
Hobbies: Yoga, diving, paddle boarding, spear fishing, hiking, triathlons, Ironman, opera, reading, teaching


Group: Hanumanity Foundation
Mission: To promote the full spectrum of yoga, making it available to individuals, groups, and communities, locally, nationally, and internationally