Leading Note Studios, a locally owned music school for children in Encinitas, announced the opening of their new recording studio.  The new studio provides professional quality services in music recording, mixing, mastering and production for its students. In addition to offering all the traditional services expected from a professional music school, Leading Note is aiming to create a seamless experience from classroom to recording.

Leading Note’s Production Engineer and Certified Operator, Amber Flynn, explained, “We demystify the whole recording process.  Because the student is working directly with their music teacher, the recording process isn’t intimidating or overwhelming as it normally feels in a typical recording studio. In fact, it’s extension of the learning process. In each session, the student is learning more than how to play an instrument, they’re learning how to be a recording artist.”

The studio provides a complete recording experience with industry standard professional recording equipment including ProTools.  At the end of each session, students receive a CD recording of their work, which can be copied or shared via ITunes and social media.

Leading Note Studios was opened in 2006 by Camille Hastings. It was born out of Hastings desire to help children cultivate a love of all music and to discover and develop their gifts. Hastings is excited to move into a new realm and to expand her services, serving her students to draw out their highest potential.

“We teach adults too!”, Hastings adds. She is a nurturer of the musical spirit within all her students, no matter what age or skill level. For more information contact info@leadingnotesudios.com or call 760-753-7002.