2Good2B® Bakery & Café Lets Customers Eat Well and Still Stay Allergy-Free

The Why

“As doctors start to understand that many diseases are associated with food allergies, the number of people that seek gluten-free foods is increasing,” asserted Diana Benedek, PhD, Founder and CEO of 2Good2B® Bakery & Café with locations in both Encinitas and the Gaslamp quarter – and she should know. With a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and Immunology, and a PhD in Engineering,
Dr. Diana understands better than most the effects of food on the body, and as one who suffered all her life from migraines, which with time turned into fibromyalgia, cervical herniated disks, Hashimoto disease (hypothyroid), slow adrenals, and depression, she knows first-hand how debilitating those effects can be.

After years of searching for solutions, she understood that the cause is no other than gluten, corn, and soy! And that the only thing she had to do to get her life back was to stop eating all three of these. “In my case, my fibromyalgia was only 60% better by removing gluten and soy, I only got rid of all the pains, got my energy back and started to enjoy my life when I stopped eating all grains (except for rice). This included corn, oats, millet, sorghum, and teff even the “gluten-free” ones.

As Diana started searching for gluten-free foods she found that most contained either corn or soy or both, that the taste and texture of these foods were below her standards, and that most restaurants offer some options, but that she would still get sick because of cross contamination in the back kitchen.


The Solution

2Good2B® Bakery & Café’s slogan is based on Diana’s life experience:

Eat Smarter • Feel Energized • Enjoy Life®

Although Diana was known in San Diego for her PhD in engineering and expertise in water treatment, once “cured” she put her renewed energy into helping others with the same challenges. She brought together the best pastry chef and the best bread master chef to develop gluten, corn, and soy-free food that tastes, looks, and feels like it is supposed to be. 2Good2B® is now offering more dairy-free, vegetarian, and paleo options to their health-conscious customers that want to stay healthy by fighting inflammation. This comfortable locale, where 50% of its customers are not gluten-free, has won many awards for the quality of their food, proving that Diana’s team succeeded in their mission.

“Although in the past I was internationally recognized for my pastries baked with traditional flours, I am proud to say that we have developed recipes that would stand out even against traditional desserts,” stated Chef Rodney LoveJones, General Manager.

This local café & bakery is in full expansion. It now has a branch in downtown San Diego and has been approved to sell franchises across the U.S.



Name of Business: 2Good2B® Bakery & Café
Founder and CEO: Dr. Diana Benedek
Partners: Chefs Rodney Love Jones and John Toner
Years in Operation: 4
Year of Establishment: 2010
Address: 204 N El Camino Real
Suite H, Encinitas, CA, 92067
Website: www.2good2b.com
Email: info@2good2b.com
Phone: 760-942-4663
Description of Business: A dedicated gluten, corn, and soy-free bakery and café that thrives to offer delicious, healthy food in a safe environment for people with food allergies and everyone else that loves healthy, pure food.