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The Blue Angels Teach Kids How to Relax and Have Fun While on the Slopes

In today’s society, there are greater expectations on kids participating in competitive sports. There’s pressure to impress both their coaches and their parents and to ensure that they maintain a certain level of play at all times. However, this type of performance is not always what the child wants, and as parents have witnessed first-hand, can take away from the blissfulness of their childhood. That’s where the Blue Angels Youth Ski and Snowboard Program steps in. Blue Angels offers an exciting and healthy program that focuses on the development of a child in an encouraging and enjoyable environment. Run by Heidi and Griff Emery, the Blue Angels Youth Ski and Snowboard Program teaches children ages 7 through 16 any level of skiing or snowboarding. Heidi began Blue Angels in 1992 after participating in competitive racing and working as an instructor and event producer for Snowboarder and Powder Magazines.


“Some of my very best childhood memories were made on the mountains,” reflected Heidi. “My goal with the Blue Angels program is to open this door to today’s youth in a nurturing, fun-filled environment so they can explore the wonders of these two amazing winter sports!”

Heidi has done just that with the Blue Angels program. In five weeks, she creates skilled skiers and snowboarders who make new friends and have a blast on the slopes at the same time.

Participants attend five consecutive day-long Saturday classes at the Mountain High Resort. “We offer a complete package with transportation, all day coaching (all ability levels), adult supervision on and off the slopes, lunch and snacks, with the consistency of the same coach for five full days,” explained Heidi. “Groups are matched based on age, ability, and sport, which can often be difficult to find when dropping in for a ski or snowboard lesson on a day-by-day basis.”


Clients rave about the program. “Heidi is an amazingly caring and involved program director who literally moves mountains and keeps a close eye on the kids,” praised Rory B. whose son has spent five seasons with the program. Rory added, “He’s gained many other skills from his Blue Angels experience such as keeping organized, using judgment, observing changing weather conditions, and maintaining energy during a day-long ski trip.”

Heidi and her team incorporate sponsor giveaway days, crazy helmet days, and even visits from professional athletes to add to the fun. They look forward to welcoming a new crop of children this winter and are confident it will be the most fun they’ve had all year.

Packages cost $849 with bus pick-up locations in La Jolla and Carmel Valley. For more information visit the Blue Angels website at





The_Blue_Angels_LogoOwner & Director: Heidi Emery
Years in Position: 22
Year of Establishment: 1992
Address: 156 7th Street, Del Mar 92014
Description: The Blue Angels program gives children and teens the opportunity to ski or snowboard the local mountains with friends and other snow sport enthusiasts in a fun, yet highly structured learning environment.