CCA Raven Pride

Canyon Crest Academy’s (CCA) baseball team has made it a point to show that they will continue to improve the quality of play and student life at the school. The future looks bright for the CCA Ravens as 2014 marked one of the team’s most successful seasons yet. With a new coach guiding them, plans for their first annual fundraiser set, and a new baseball field to reach completion in 2015, the team has set the foundation for another great year.

The new head coach Mike Hymes has created a strong sense of family within the program, put together a cohesive coaching staff, and instilled the importance of both baseball and life skills to his players.

“I don’t want players to look back on their time as Ravens and describe it as something they did while they were in high school. I hope they remember is more as an experience with lessons that they can use for the rest of their lives,” he stated. The team will host their first annual CCA Baseball Golf Tournament on Nov. 3 at 10 a.m. at the Bernardo Heights Country Club in order to raise money for the new baseball facility. This facility is scheduled to be complete by February 2015 and promises to be an impressive venue.

The Ravens are currently preparing for their season, which begins the first week of March 2015. To come support the team visit their website at Refer to the website to sign up for the CCA Baseball Golf Tournament as well.