An Employee’s Insight

The bond between the pediatric patient and his or her dentist is one of the most important relationships of a child’s life. Establishing a “dental home” early on allows the dentist to build a rapport with the young patient, creating an atmosphere of trust and security, in what can sometimes be an intimidating and scary place. Parents who bring their children in to see the pediatric dentist early on can be comforted with the knowledge that both in routine visits, or in a dental emergencies – which often happen – their child will be cared for by a team of professionals who know their child on a personal level. From talking about their favorite grade school teacher to the college they dream of someday attending, the connection between the patient and the pediatric dental staff is essential for a lifetime of great dental care.

In 2010, after spending six years in the orthodontic field, I came to work for Dr. Angela Lee at Torrey Pines Pediatric Dentistry. Not having worked in a pediatric specific practice before, I was a sponge, ready and willing to soak up all the years of training and knowledge that Dr. Lee had to offer me. I was immediately touched and impressed with Dr. Lee’s kind chair-side demeanor and her ability to effortlessly calm even the most nervous of patients. She understood that a successful visit for one patient was not the same for the next. Often, it could be as simple as getting that child in the chair today, when previously they would not even make it into the room. Celebrating these seemingly small victories and offering praise is one of the ways that the pediatric dental team can build trust with their patients. Whether the patient I greeted had been coming for five years or it was his or her first visit, or whether he or she was there for a simple cleaning or a more complex procedure, Dr. Lee’s warm personality was shining through as she gave every patient the very best of herself. Her expertise was apparent as she spoke to both patients and parents about treatment options, making sure that all was understood and always offering the most up to date procedures. The depth of her commitment to her patients evident in all things – from digital X-ray machines to BPA-free sealant materials and fluoride-free treatments – parents often chatted and told of friends who they had referred and whose children had similar great experiences.

An outstanding part of the Carmel Valley/Del Mar community, Dr. Lee and the entire team of Torrey Pines Pediatric Dentistry are changing the experience of their patients day in and day out, offering state-of-the-art dental care in a fun and caring environment. Their professionalism and dedication to their craft are reflected in the tiny smiling faces of their patients.




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