92130 Resident Cooks Up New Tortillas

Not all kitchens in Carmel Valley are the same. For Jim Broussalian, 92130 resident and food scientist, the kitchen is a laboratory, and the right ingredients lead to the perfect invention. Jim has led menu development for companies such as Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, and Baskin Robbins, so he understands the importance of tastiness. Recently, he has developed and commercialized new products for Safeway and Costco. Jim just announced his latest invention, Potapas Gluten Free Tortillas, which are now available in the gluten-free freezer at over 160 Sprouts Farmers Markets across the Western and Southwestern regions of America. Based on the love for all things potatoes, the savory wrap is a great taste alternative to traditional flour, corn, and gluten-free rice flour tortillas. According to Jim, “Since November 2013, we have been in select Sprouts locations. But the tremendous consumer response and passion for Potapas led Sprouts to authorize broader distribution.” The tortillas can also be found at some local independent markets.


Potapas are made with garbanzo bean flour, cassava flour and chicory root. They are certified gluten-free and kosher and contain no preservatives. According to Jim the tortillas are sparking a revolution in food innovation as a delicious gluten-free tortilla or taco carrier. The savory potato flavor and soft texture are sure to compliment any meal. For more information about Potapas, food scientist Jim Broussalian, or locations that carry Potapas visit www.potapas.com. There are also recipe suggestions available online that go great with the new product for those interested.