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Recreation centers and parks are important assets to any community. They provide people with the opportunity to be active, facilitate social interaction, create organized and engaging activities, keep the environment healthy, and much more. Read on as we speak with Salome Martinez, Recreation Center Director at the Carmel Valley Community Park, about the development of the center and park, activities available for 92130 residents this season, and ways the center and park stay connected to the 92130 community.

Q&A with Salome Martinez,
Carmel Valley Service Unit Manager


When did the Carmel Valley Community Park opened?
The park, recreation center, and pool opened to the public on Oct. 15, 1999.

What type of facilities are available at the recreation center, park, and pool?
The Carmel Valley Recreation Center and Community Park consists of a recreation center, pool facility, tennis courts, children’s play areas, an outdoor amphitheater, outdoor basketball courts, multipurpose athletic fields, horseshoe pits, a fitness apparatus, and picnic areas with barbeques. The recreation center consists of two multipurpose rooms that can be used as a game room and an arts and crafts room, as well as general meeting rooms. There is also a gymnasium that serves as a facility for basketball, volleyball, badminton, pickleball, and gymnastics.

The community pool facility consists of three pools. The primary pool has lap lanes and is deep enough for water polo with a separate zero-depth (beach) entry into a recreation area that falls from zero feet to a depth of three feet. Adjacent to the primary pool is a zero-depth entry children’s pool with a water play structure. There is also a water park-type slide complex with two slides entering into a third pool.

What are some of the unique aspects or programs available for community residents?
The Carmel Valley Recreation Center and Community Park is uniquely settled on three levels of land at the corner of El Camino Real and Townsgate Dr. This provides great fitness and recreation opportunities for the public with four large sets of stairs and a public fitness station on the top level. Additionally, our amphitheater offers a great venue for entertainment and programs. Another great aspect of this park is the water slides at the Carmel Valley pool. They are similar to slides you would find at a water park. These two slides deliver endless summer fun for kids and adults.



Do you offer any specific programs for children, teens, or adults?
This fall we will be offering a variety of different programs for the youth and adults in the community. For children and youth we offer preschool programs, cooking classes, gymnastic classes, acting classes, martial arts, child and babysitting safety class, art classes, book clubs, dance classes, sports classes, and leagues. For adults we offer a variety of fitness programs, CPR and First Aid training, Medicare seminars, and social and competitive sports leagues. The recreation center also provides free open-play gym time for the public to come enjoy a game of basketball, pickleball, or badminton.

The pool also offers swimming programs like water polo, swim team, and multi-level swimming lessons for children and youths. In addition, they have water fitness and lap swimming for adults.

What is your role? What are your responsibilities?
I am the center director at the Carmel Valley Recreation Center and Community Parks and my primary job duty is to organize, plan, and implement all events and activities that are held here at the center and issue permits for most Carmel Valley neighborhood parks. Some of these parks include Ashley Falls, Carmel Creek, Carmel Del Mar, Carmel Valley, Solana Highlands, Carmel Grove, Carmel Knolls, Del Mar Trails, Carmel Mission (Renaissance Park), Torrey Highlands, and Windwood.

Can you tell us about the Carmel Valley Recreation Council’s involvement with the center and park?
The Carmel Valley Recreation Council serves as an advisory board to the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department. This group of concerned citizens volunteers their time to advise park and recreation staff on matters related to park and recreation programs, community events, and equipment. They plan, promote, publicize, and help provide recreation opportunities for citizens within the boundaries of the Carmel Valley Recreation Council. Groups, clubs, leagues, and individuals using the parks are encouraged to attend the meetings. Meetings are open to the public. The Carmel Valley Recreation Council meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. at the Carmel Valley Recreation Center. The public is welcome to attend.

Are there fees to use the center or the park?
We are a City of San Diego public facility that welcomes all residents and non-residents to come out and enjoy the park. There is no membership fee to use the park and/or facilities. Fees only apply when an individual wants to register for a scheduled activity. Fees are also associated with permit rentals to reserve space in the park for birthday parties, company picnics, other special events, sports games, etc.


What’s in store for the future of both the center and the park? Any new developments in the works?
Some long term projects the Carmel Valley Recreation Council is working on are installing synthetic turf on the lighted fields and constructing a multipurpose sports arena on the lower field. We are continuously evaluating the needs of the community and adding new programs to meet those needs.

The Carmel Valley Pool is working on repairing and restoring many of the pool structures and surrounding facility.

How was/is the Carmel Valley Park funded?
Facilities Benefit Assessment (FBA) funds were used for the development of this park. Operations are funded through the City of San Diego’s general fund. The Recreation Council also funds many of the field improvements, special events, and other park projects.

What types of green efforts have been made at the park in terms of recycling projects, water conservation, etc.?
The park follows all water conservation and recycling policies that the City of San Diego implements. We are currently under mandatory water restrictions which limit our watering schedules for turf and shrubs to three days a week. We also provide recycling bins inside the recreation center and at all of our special events.

What is the most memorable part of working at the Carmel Valley Community Park?
Working with the wonderful people in the community and hosting great special events.


How does the park stay connected with the Carmel Valley Community?
The center connects with the local school districts and library to get the word out about the many programs that we offer for the people in the community. By providing quality parks and programs, the people of the community are drawn to the center either through word of mouth or simply by walking into the center and seeing what we have to offer. On top of the great programs, the Carmel Valley Recreation Council also offers free events thoughout the year for the public to enjoy including a spring egg hunt, five summer serenade concerts, and two ‘Movies in the Park’ events. The Carmel Valley Recreation Council also works closely with the community sports groups in advertising activities and events at the center. Programs and events are advertised on the City of San Diego’s website at as well as the community website at

Do you have any upcoming events or new programs in October or November that you would like our readers to be aware of?
Winter class registration will begin on Nov. 22 and classes will run from December 2014 through March 2015.

Where can readers go to sign up for classes and programs at the Carmel Valley Community Park?
Brochures are available online or in the office lobby. To view the current seasonal brochure, readers can go to the following city websites.

For the Carmel Valley Recreation Center:

For the Carmel Valley Pool:

Registration can be processed online or in the center office. To register for the recreation center or pool classes and to view open classes, readers can visit our new online registration website at

If you could describe the Carmel Valley Community Park in five words or less, what would you say?
Hidden gem in Carmel Valley, or recreate, create, relax, have fun!



Samole Martinez

Organization: City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department
Favorite Activity at the Carmel Valley Community Park: Summer Serenades Concerts and Movie in the Parks, or all special events.

Carmel Valley Community Park

Address: 3777 Townsgate Dr., San Diego, CA 92130
Hours: Monday through Friday 12 – 8 p.m.; Saturdays from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. (closed on Sundays)
Phone: 858-552-1616


The Carmel Valley Park spans 19 acres.

The recreation center building occupies 17,245 square feet and the pool building, deck, and water occupy 27,109 square feet.

The recreation center has 7 employees, and the pool has 12 employees.