TEDxYouth Speech Teaches a Positive Life Lesson

This year marked Canyon Crest Academy’s (CCA) 3rd Annual TEDxYouth@SanDiego event with over 400 students from San Diego County in attendance. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized talks that bring people together to share a TED-like talk experience. The talks encompassed a variety of topics, including one special talk in particular that really touched the audience. According to Jason Phillips, CCA student and a member of the TEDxYouth@SanDiego student organizing team, “The speakers ranged from all different fields including cutting edge youth scientists like Jack Andraka and Eric Chen to powerful stories of the human condition with Mark Raines and Shaka Senghor.”

One of the most inspiring talks of the day came from CCA teacher Mark Raines who spoke about his own personal life journey to overcome adult onset speech impediment. Jason said that the talk changed his life. He elaborated, “His ability to go through such a hard and strenuous time with the speech impediment and persevering every day to achieve his goals is very inspiring. Mr. Raines is one of those teachers that you leave his class with more than just educational knowledge; you leave with life lessons and a better mindset moving forward in life.” Mr. Raines speech will stick with Jason for years to come. “Mr. Raines is the teacher that I will always remember to be the one who left the biggest impact on my high school and teenage career,” he said.

Mr. Raines teaches advanced video film, ROP media production, video film, and cinema conservatory at CCA. He was named the 2013-2014 Teacher of the Year at CCA and he plans to continue teaching media production and video film at the school. Jason will be attending the University of Southern California this fall and plans on majoring in film production.