by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photo by Zeena Gregg Photography

Deeply Rooted

Marni and Scott Foote were both raised in San Diego; and although they grew up a mere sixteen miles from one another, their paths didn’t cross until much later in life. Introduced by Marni’s father, who knew Scott through business, Marni and Scott made an instant connection over their many commonalities, especially their mutual liking for golf. Scott enjoyed playing recreationally, and Marni played at the University of Texas at Austin on a golf scholarship. Today, Marni and Scott reside in 92130 where they are raising their 8-year-old twins, Zachery and Avery, to whom they have passed down their love for golf and all things sports.

The Footes make an effort to play golf together at every opportunity, but they are also busy with many other activities. “Our family favorites are golf, tennis, swimming and hiking,” noted Marni. This year, Zachery played Pop Warner football, basketball and baseball for Del Mar Little League. “He does parkour at Flip Force and takes tennis lessons, as well,” added Marni. Avery’s activities for the year included Pop Warner cheer, basketball and North Shore Softball. “She earned four MVP awards during this All Star season!” exclaimed Marni. “She also does trampoline and tumbling at Flip Force and takes tennis lessons.”

“Our family favorites are golf, tennis, swimming and hiking.” – Marni Foote

While they certainly lead an active lifestyle, the Footes still find time to stay involved with their community. Scott, who is co-founder and managing director for Square 1 Bank, has been a coach for nearly every one of the kids’ sports teams. Marni is a stay-at-home mom who is on the executive board for the Ashley Falls Elementary PTA, has been “team mom” for the kids’ various sport teams, and volunteers with Avery’s Girl Scout troop. Zachery and Avery have volunteered with Ashley Falls Kidpower, packing up candy and cards to send to U.S. troops.

The Footes moved to Carmel Valley ten years ago and couldn’t imagine choosing a better place to call “home.” “We love that we can walk to school, are close to the beach, shops and all of Carmel Valley’s wonderful parks,” shared Marni. “We also like all of the trails in our neighborhood and enjoy bike rides and sunset walks… it’s so beautiful here!”



Parents: Scott Ryan Foote and Marni Elizabeth Foote
Children: Zachary Paul Foote and Avery Rose Foote (8, 3rd grade Ashley Falls)
Community: Ashley Falls since 2012
Parents’ Hometowns: Scott – Poway, CA; Marni – Del Cerro, CA
Parents’ Occupations: Scott – Co-Founder and Managing Director Square 1 Bank, Venture Banking; Marni – Stay at Home Mom and Volunteer
Favorite Local Spots:15th St. Beach, The Highlands, restaurants (Casa Sol y Mar, Swirls), Carmel Valley Rec Center, all parks