by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photo by Zeena Gregg Photography

Girl Power

Sophie Stein and Lindsey Ewing (both age 12) first realized they were going to be good friends while bonding over an art project. It was at this time that the girls discovered they not only had a mutual liking for fun art, but they shared a desire for volunteerism. So, together, using their artistic abilities, the girls found a creative way to give back to the community – making and selling unique hair bows with the proceeds benefitting a local charity. Their charity of choice: Promises2Kids, an organization dedicated to preventing child abuse and helping current and former foster youth in San Diego County overcome difficulties and successfully transition into adulthood. “We wanted to support a local charity that involves children,” explained the girls. “We researched many charities and finally agreed on Promises2Kids that helps foster children right here in San Diego County. We chose Promises2Kids because we want other kids to be able to have a loving and supportive family.” Today, the girls are as busy as ever with their bow-making and are proud to have made their first donation to Promises2Kids — a whopping $1,200!

Both Lindsey and Sophie – who will attend Carmel Valley Middle School in the fall – have lived their whole lives in Carmel Valley. “I now play [soccer] for Del Mar Carmel Valley (DMCV) Sharks Competitive. Lindsey and I are on the same awesome most fantastic team,” offered Sophie. “I enjoy dancing at Royal Dance Academy and tap is my favorite.” “I enjoy playing soccer for DMCV Competitive Sharks and surfing every Friday with my surf team,” shared Lindsey. “I love traveling with my friends and family.”

In their free time, the girls are busy “bowing” – even making it their Bat Mitzvah Project. “We started out by selling just to our friends and hosting ‘Bow-tiques’ in private homes,” recalled Sophie. “Now we are also doing birthday parties… will be at many gift shows before the holidays and are also working on a booth at the La Jolla Open Aire farmer’s market.”

Sophie and Lindsey are thrilled to know that their volunteer efforts are making a difference. “I think our biggest accomplishment is to know that the money we raised through selling our bows will provide necessary programs for foster children,” shared the girls. “We really appreciate all the support we’ve received from our families, friends and the Carmel Valley community.”

Visit Sophie and Lindsey’s bow booth at the DMCV Sharks picture day event in October, Sharks at the Park.



Names: Sophie E. Stein and Lindsey N. Ewing (12)
Community: Carmel Valley
Volunteer Affiliation: Promises2Kids
Family: Sophie: Parents – Marc and Sarah Stein; Brother – Michael (14)
Hobbies/Interests: Lindsey: Parents – Jeff and Britney Ewing; Brother – Matthew (10)
Sydney – soccer, dance, traveling, and bow making and swimming; Lindsey – soccer, surfing, skiing, and bow making

Group Name: Promises2Kids
Group’s Mission: Promises2Kids annually provides over 3,300 current and former foster youth in San Diego County with the tools, opportunities, and guidance they need to address the circumstances that brought them into foster care, overcome the difficulties of their past, and grow into healthy, happy and successful adults.
Phone: 858-278-4400