Royal Dance Academy (RDA) in Carmel Valley has just acquired a brand new 15,000 square foot facility in Sorrento Valley. The new facility has been named Royal Academy of Performing Arts (RAPA) and will open in September. Owner Francine Garton hopes this new addition will be a family-friendly studio that children can call their second home. According to Francine, RAPA “will be home to the students who have a more intense program and need to add additional classes such as Pilates and Gyrotonics to complement their training.”

RAPA will have five dance studios and will offer additional classes and programs for more advanced students. “I feel proud that I have been able to keep RDA a success for thirteen years and that I have been able to share the love of dance with so many children and their families. I look forward to the opening of this new facility,” stated Francine.