Teacher’s Advancements in Technology

Technology can play a powerful tool in the classroom, and as Matt Baier, the recent recipient of the Innovation in Technology Award, understands, “Technology enables students to learn important skills that they will need in college and beyond.” Matt was recently awarded with the Innovation in Technology Award for his work as director of the Center for Innovation at Cathedral Catholic High School (CCHS) at the 11th Annual Innovation in Education Awards Dinner.

Matt has been recognized for integrating technology into classroom learning and assisting other teachers with new technological developments in their classrooms. These developments included a student podcast project, iBooks where teachers are able to select their own material, Google Apps, and even an interactive iPad course that help teachers learn how to implement the iPad in their classrooms.

“One program that we are particularly proud of is our use of the iPad and iTunes U to ‘gamify’ our professional development. Our teachers have a series of challenges to complete that guide them in learning about our technology tools and how to use the iPad in the classroom. If they pass enough challenges they complete a new level,” explained Matt.

With these technological advancements, Matt has already noticed more engagement with his students. He noted, “When technology is used effectively students will be empowered to take ownership of their own learning. Our goal should be to use technology to teach students to become intellectually curious and skilled lifelong learners.” He hopes to continue helping teachers create their own iBook textbooks in the future and further his work with an online school program that is compatible with the iPad, which he is currently working on.

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