Synchronized Swimming Star

Synchronized swimming requires an incredible amount of strength, flexibility, and control – a unique combination which avid synchronized swimmer and competitor Alexandra Suarez is quite familiar with. The Carmel Valley athlete just earned a place on the 2014 13 to 15 age group National Synchronized Swimming Squad. Alexandra was one of the talented twenty chosen athletes who proceeded to the May tryouts for a chance to be selected as one of the synchronized swimmers for the National Team which will represent the U.S. at the Comen Cup in Europe and at the UANA Championships in Riverside.

Alexandra has been a member of the San Diego Sea Stars Synchronized Swimming Team for over four years and trains for about sixteen hours a week. Her passion for the sport has impressed friend and family members alike and will continue to do so with her recent achievement. “You have to really love this sport to go through the strenuous training it requires,” mentioned Alexandra’s mother, Mindy Suarez. She continued, “Not only do you need the strength and flexibility of a gymnast and the endurance of a swimmer, you need to do all of this while holding your breath upside down in the water.”

Alexandra hopes the future will bring the opportunity to represent the U.S. on the National Team and someday compete in the Olympics. She would also like to participate in synchronized swimming in college.
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