Christopher Weil & Company, Inc. recently announced the launch of CWC Family Philanthropy Services, a new division that will serve individuals, families, and private foundations interested in getting a start in philanthropy or improving the impact of their existing giving.

“I’ve been sitting on the board of the Patricia & Christopher Weil Family Foundation, along with my parents and siblings, for fourteen years. In that time, we’ve learned valuable lessons about creating and managing a family foundation,” said Kit-Victoria Wells, CWC Team Liaison. “Our family foundation has opened up an avenue for us to think critically about the issues that face individuals and communities. We want to bring about positive change in the San Diego area and our foundation has challenged us to figure out how we can do that most effectively. It has been great to work together on this as a family and we want to pass our experience to others with similar goals and interests.”

Valerie Jacobs has had both a professional and philanthropic relationship with CWC for over 15 years. In 2002, she led the family members through a strategic planning process which helped crystallize the Patricia & Christopher Weil Family Foundation’s future giving. In addition, she has collaborated with CWC in offering several private philanthropy seminars in San Diego.

“Many families have the ability to give back to their community, but don’t know where to start,” said Valerie Jacobs. “There are so many worthy causes out there and it can be overwhelming. Using advisors who understand the philanthropic landscape can help families find not only the issues they are passionate about, but the best ways to give for effective results.”

Macy Olivas has been hired as the Director of CWC’s Family Philanthropy Services. Macy is a graduate of Whitworth University where she studied Sociology and Leadership Studies. While attending Whitworth, Macy was a recipient of the Patricia & Christopher Weil Family Foundation’s MKC College Scholarship. Her experience includes working with Teach for America, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Stand for Children, and other education-equality advocacy groups. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Patricia & Christopher Weil Family Foundation and recently became a part of San Diego’s Social Venture Partners.

“Many of our clients are looking for the best way to handle their charitable giving,” said John Wells, CWC President and CEO. We want to support our clients in building a strong infrastructure for their foundations or help them find the ideal charitable vehicle to meet their gifting objectives. We feel it is a privilege to assist them in putting their good ideas into action and are thrilled to have Valerie and Macy onboard to lead this endeavor.”