Ultimate Devotion

In 2011, then 17-year-old Griffin Jimenez and his friend J.J. Brull, decided to start a unique basketball league for kids in 92130. Griffin cited that they had the energy, the players from high school to help coach, and new coaching philosophies to mold their ideal basketball league. Falcons Elite debuted with two teams and twenty-one players in their first season, and have grown to 114 players on twelve teams this past winter season.

Griffin is currently a freshman at USC, which prevents him from coaching as much as he used to, but he still wears many hats, from scheduling to uniforms and finances. Despite the physical distance from Falcons Elite, Griffin and J.J. communicate weekly, and Griffin coaches when he’s in town. “It’s a coordinated effort to keep everything running smoothly while I’m more than a hundred miles away, but if you ask our parents and players, I think they’d say we’re doing a great job given the situation,” said Griffin.

The mission of Falcons Elite remains the same as it grows: have fun and stay positive. Griffin mentioned that while winning is great, they want to prepare the kids for the next level of basketball in their lives. Speaking of winning, Falcons Elite recently celebrated their first San Diego Sol League championships, with their 6th grade Gold Team and 8th grade White Team sweeping in their age groups. “I could go on and on,” Griffin joked, “but the bottom line is our growth in only two and a half years is astounding, and it wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t care about the quality of our program, the positivity of our atmosphere or the genuine passion we have for coaching basketball.” For more information on Falcons Elite Basketball visit www.falconselitebasketball.com.