A Feat for the CCHS Robotics Club

Cathedral Catholic High School’s (CCHS) Robotics Club came out strong at the recent 8th Annual San Diego Regional Robotics Competition. With over sixty teams participating from all over the world, including Germany, Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii, the team held its own, winning the Rookie Highest Seed Award.

The competition began with eleven, random 3-on-3 team matchup qualification matches formed by a computer called alliances. CCHS won their first match 133 to 37, but then ran into problems a little later. After losing some matches, the team decided to change their strategy, and then went on a six-match winning streak, including a win against Francis Parker High School, which ended up being the school’s only qualification match loss.

Before their match against the undefeated Francis Parker team, CCHS Robotic’s Moderator, Michael Wallace, told the students that they had nothing to lose against the undefeated team, and to be aggressive with them. They beat Francis Parker 117 to 85. CCHS later went on to the playoffs and ranked 12th. They lost in the playoffs to Francis Parker, and another undefeated team from Las Vegas, but were awarded with the Rookie Highest Seed Award after being the first year team to finish the tournament with the highest ranking. They were the only rookie team out of seven to earn an automatic bid into the playoffs, a feat for a first-year team.

“We put on a great showing. It was a very exciting and amazing experience for the entire team,” said Michael. And with such a successful year, you can bet CCHS is already gearing up for their next competition.