Like Totally ‘80s

Regrettable tight-fitting fashion, big hair, and power ballads best describe this era. And for 92130 resident Ian Thorpe, it forms the backdrop of his first feature film, Eternity. The film tells of the rise and fall of a fictitious R&B band in the beloved, infamous era of the ‘80s.

Eternity follows Todd Lucas, a young and talented musician, and his journey through Los Angeles as he pursues his love for R&B music. Along the way he meets BJ Fairchild and the two form R&B’s most mediocre duo, Eternity.

Sidecar Productions, Ian’s production company, shot the film, and the script was written by Ian’s good friend, Joey Abi-Loutfi. Joey loosely based the script off of Ian’s business partner Eric Staley’s personal experiences, adding an exaggerated touch to show off the ridiculousness of the era. Ian raised money for the project through private investments and Kickstarter, an online program which helps kick-off creative projects. The film was shot in parts of San Diego, including areas of Poway, Lou’s Records in Encinitas, and Ian’s home in Torrey Hills. In addition to their three leads, Barrett Crake, Myko Olivier, and Nikki Leonti, Sidecar Productions was able to get Jon Gries, Martin Kove, and Eric Roberts to appear in the movie.

The film screened at the World Premiere at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose and is available for viewing on Twitter and Facebook. For additional information check out