A Vision of Hope

The Vision of Children Foundation (VOC), a nonprofit 501 (c)(3), has been a pioneering force in vision research for almost twenty-five years. The organization was inspired by Sam and Vivian Hardage’s own vision after learning that their son had ocular albinism and that there was no cure available for him. Together they set out for a cure and VOC took root.

VOC is a charitable organization dedicated to curing hereditary childhood blindness, vision disorders and improving the quality of life of visually impaired children and their families. VOC encourages scientists to take an interest in genetic eye disorders that are under-funded. Over the years, VOC has directly funded groundbreaking research. The Foundation is currently funding research that will have the ability to re-grow damaged vision receptors in the back of the eye and reattach them to the vision center of the brain. Their goal is to give children the ability to see again, and they believe the next few years should yield even greater results.

Other goals of the Foundation include supporting family members and children with hereditary blindness. VOC connects families through a bi-annual newsletter containing their latest research and developments.

Additionally, they donate low vision equipment to schools to help visually impaired students through Project Vision Aid.

For more information on VOC or to make a donation visit www.visionofchildren.org.